Nutrition and Fitness for autistic individuals

Welcome to the Autisticfit Society

AutisticFit is the creative result from a life experienced by Amber Black, a pro fitness fitness athlete  from Houston Texas. Amber is now candidly speaking about the ups and downs of living life on the spectrum, being diagnosis late in life at 37 years of age, early years of life, overcoming 15 surgeries, rebuilding her body and the will that kept her driven to overcome adversity and challenges and learn from them.   At 44, Amber is stepping back into competing and sharing transparent glimpses about her life and what tools and mindset processes have played a role in her life that have helped her navigate life before her Dx with autism and ptsd, and after it to continue to heal her life and thrive.

Her story sheds light into her life “on living with autism” and choosing fitness as an active intention to inspire, educate, and empower others.  Offering a personal look into the life of Ambers journey from an honest place to support path of others and that of her own in celebration of how fitness helps manage the isolation, anxiety, sensory overload, and unique challenges that those with Autism face with a sense of support, care and courage .  Ambers goals are to help encourage you to improve your health, body-image, and sense of wellbeing with a mindset that is disciplined and tenacious! A way of living that cultivates and moves others into a position to rise above adversity of life circumstances through the application of focus and hard work,  self awareness, consistency, and patience.

Our Mission

To serve individuals diagnosed with chronic illness, and bring awareness about PTSD and inspire individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)through wellness, exercise, nutrition and support

Our Vision

A global, initiative building a community where those on the Autism spectrum have access to a network of support. A safe community built on inspiration and knowledge in every aspect of ministry.

Our Purpose

Healing the generations through mind-body-spirit methods. Autisticfit Society is to compassionately provide educational, counseling and training programs that will involve the indirectly affected individuals/organizations as part of the holistic solution.

Autisticfit Society does not catagorize autism as a disease, abnormality or deficiency to be addressed exclusively with pharmaceutical, institutionalization or other interventive “remedies.”

Rather, we see autism as a complex condition that prevents the affected person from fully REALIZING his/her physical, emotional and intellectual POTENTIAL. Therefore, the primary mission of Autisticfit Society is to ENABLE affected individuals to realize more of their FULL POTENTIAL through a complete integration of the individual’s physical and mental capabilities. We accomplish this through a HOLISTIC REGIMEN of INDIVIDUALIZED fitness, environmental and nutritional LIFESTYLE ADJUSTMENTS.

Autisticfit Society also recognizes that the condition of autism indirectly affects families, schools and other individuals/organizations interacting with the directly affected individual. Therefore, the secondary mission of Autisticfit Society is to COMPASSIONATELY provide EDUCATIONAL, COUNSELING and TRAINING programs that will INVOLVE the indirectly affected individuals/organizations as part of the HOLISTIC SOLUTION.

Finally, Autisticfit Society recognizes that there are diseases, abnormalities or deficiencies with some symptomatic connections to the condition of autism. Therefore, Autisticfit Society will, whenever practical, coordinate programs with support groups for those affected by those illnesses.

We aim to inspire on transformative levels by showing how exercise and nutrition assists in managing Autism. We desire to teach about the benefits of activity and nutrition to ultimately result in a developing an enjoyment of movement and a lifetime of health.