Autisticfit Society Recognizes Autism

Autisticfit Society does NOT CATEGORIZE autism as a disease, abnormality or deficiency to be addressed exclusively with pharmaceutical, institutionalization or other interventive “remedies.”

Rather, we see autism as a complex condition that prevents the affected person from fully REALIZING his/her physical, emotional and intellectual POTENTIAL. Therefore, the primary mission of Autisticfit Society is to ENABLE affected individuals to realize more of their FULL POTENTIAL through a complete integration of the individual’s physical and mental capabilities. We accomplish this through a HOLISTIC REGIMEN of INDIVIDUALIZED fitness, environmental and nutritional LIFESTYLE ADJUSTMENTS.

Autisticfit Society also recognizes that the condition of autism indirectly affects families, schools and other individuals/organizations interacting with the directly affected individual. Therefore, the secondary mission of Autisticfit Society is to COMPASSIONATELY provide EDUCATIONAL, COUNSELING and TRAINING programs that will INVOLVE the indirectly affected individuals/organizations as part of the HOLISTIC SOLUTION.

Finally, Autisticfit Society recognizes that there are diseases, abnormalities or deficiencies with some symptomatic connections to the condition of autism. Therefore, Autisticfit Society will, whenever PRACTICAL, coordinate programs with SUPPORT GROUPS for those affected by those illnesses.