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The Autisticfit Society is proud to announce that she has partnered with ASI Health & Wellness.

From ASI Health & Wellness website:

“ASI Health & Wellness is dedicated to bringing natural wellness to people, and even pets! It is our opinion that by providing better nutrition we can have wellness, not illness, in our life. Our goal at ASI Health and Wellness is to integrate and complement natural biological systems and nutrition by understanding the processes involved. Our products can boost and/or rebuild the immune system, reduce pain and inflammation, improve the metabolism, detox and tone the body and even slow the aging process! The result can be a longer, healthier lifetime.”

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About Ultrein™ from the ASI Health & Wellness Website*

Ultrein™ (formerly ASIHW Essential Proteins™) for wellness and for immune system support. This product provides all nine essential proteins, as well as a host of other important proteins. These are important to help the body grow and rebuild itself.

In addition, it has all necessary active glutathione precursors. These precursors are typically missing in our modern diet of processed foods. You wouldn’t let your car run low on oil, why let your body run low on glutathione? We think glutathione is so important that we call glutathione “Your Inner Super Hero!™”

This product also provides important immune factors such as lactoferrin and various immunoglobulins. This is how mammals pass immunity properties from parent to offspring. These are important and are missing in modern processed foods and even missing in infant formulas (where they are so important for the newborn infant in developing a functional immune system)!

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