Start A Fundraiser

Start fundraising for Autisticfit SocietyStart a fundraising campaign with Autisticfit Society by following these three steps:

  • Contact the Autisticfit Society by email or mail. You can use our simple contact form. Please let us know if you wish to be an individual fundraiser, form a team, or join an active fundraiser.
  • Let us know how you wish to operate your fundraiser: online, in your communities, or through a workplace campaign.
  • Submit your fundraiser application (which will be sent to you after first contact), get approved, and start your campaign!

A few things that will help you operate a successful fundraiser:

  • Learn about the mission and work of the Autisticfit Society. Whether you are working as an individual or working with a team, make sure you have a clear strategy for engagement and an attainable fundraising goal.
  • Educate others about the important work of the Autisticfit Society. Tell your friends and co-workers how much of a difference their contribution will make to the lives of those living with autism.
  • Thank everyone for their generosity and make sure they know that every dollar that they contribute to your fundraiser will go towards the Autisticfit Society. Remind them that because of their donation, the Autisticfit Society can continue to do the work necessary to bring physical fitness and sound nutrition to autistics.

Contact us today to start your fundraiser.