Autism Facts

AUTISTIC PEOPLE CONTRIBUTE TO THEIR COMMUNITIES IN MANY WAYS This is true, no matter what constellation of obvious abilities and disabilities they demonstrate. Autistic people are valuable as they are. They don’t have value only if they can be transformed into less obviously autistic people. SIGNIFICANT ABILITIES ARE LIKELY ON THE AUTISM SPECTRUM The very […]

support your kid’s healthier nutrition habits

Tips to stay healthy during the holidays Here are a few suggestions to help you and your child enjoy the season in a healthy way: Maintain normal eating patterns. Upcoming school breaks, can be easy for your child’s routine to get off-track. If your child usually eats three meals a day and snacks, try to […]

8 safety holiday tips for your kids and entire family.

1. Use flame-resistant decorations. Reduce the risk of fire by decorating the tree with only flame-resistant materials. If purchasing an artificial tree, make sure it is fire-resistant. Be sure and keep a real tree well watered to reduce the risk of fire. 2. Keep small, breakable decorations out of reach. The best option is to […]

Environment for autistic children

Children with autism require a special home environment to remain calm and less agitated. However, because many autistic children do not communicate well, understanding their needs is not always easy. Here are some changes that can help children with autism feel safe and comfortable at home. Pay Attention to Sounds – Children with autism are […]

Texas Autism Families

Texas Autism Families: If you are displaced or having difficulties due to Hurricane Harvey, please see the following list of resources for shelter and support. You can also call our office at 512-479-4199 or the national Autism Source line at 1-800-3-AUTISM (328-8476). We will be monitoring the situation and offering help where we can. Please […]

Autism is Treatable! 

Many individuals with an autism-spectrum diagnosis have underlying medical issues that influence their autistic condition. Although behavior, speech and other similar therapies are often helpful for individuals on the autism-spectrum, they are not the only interventions available.There is much help and hope for improved health for autistic individuals through the use of biomedical solutions

Autisticfit Society Recognizes Autism

Autisticfit Society does NOT CATEGORIZE autism as a disease, abnormality or deficiency to be addressed exclusively with pharmaceutical, institutionalization or other interventive “remedies.” Rather, we see autism as a complex condition that prevents the affected person from fully REALIZING his/her physical, emotional and intellectual POTENTIAL. Therefore, the primary mission of Autisticfit Society is to ENABLE […]

Autism Symptoms and Signs

  Does Your Loved One Have Autism? Here Are The Signs: Early Signs Of Autism In Babies And Toddlers Can Include The Following: Does not make eye contact (e.g. look at you when being spoken to) Does not smile when smiled at Does not respond to his or her name, or to the sound of […]

The right nutrition can help autism and mitochondrial dysfunction

According to the journal Pediatric Neurology, mitochondrial disease patients can have altered caloric needs compared with the general population. Optimizing the number and quality of calories has been shown to improve mitochondrial health in autistics. Supplements such as ubiquinol, L-carnitine, folinic acid and vitamins C and E can help people with mitochondrial disorders. In my […]