Krav Maga Houston, , bullying and abuse prevention -Trea Drake


Autism Rescue Angels – Financial support for families living with autism

Support Group – ASPIE of Houston

Texana Children’s Center for Autism – Gina Mouser, M.Ed. Special Education/Autism Intervention

TUTS – The River  (special needs children)

Resource Guide on Higher Education for People with Disabilities
Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities

Horse Back Riding Therapy

Horse Back Riding Therapy – Reining Strength

Autism Diet Information

Autism Digest

Autism File Magazine

Autism Education Network

Autism – First Signs

Autism Network International

Autism One

Autism Research Institute

Autism Speaks “100 Day Kit” (step-by-step “what to do when receiving the ASD diagnosis)

Autism Society of America

Social Security Administration
Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI) Provides monthly financial assistance for children with disabilities. Children eligible for SSI automatically receive Medicaid.
Phone 866.591.7734 866.591.7734 FREE | Toll Free: 1-800-772-12131-800-772-1213 FREE

History of the Disability Movement – Partners in Policymaking –   

Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities – People First Language –  I’ve also attached this information as well.  

Family to Family Network website –
Person Centered Thinking – 

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