Spin 2018

Amber Black was inspired to found Autisticfit Society as a means of providing educational and inspirational support for autistic individuals, their families and the community as a whole after developing her own means of effectively treating her autistic symptoms through nutrition, supplementation and fitness. Part of the reason for the inspiration behind Autisticfit Society is to provide a means to help others who deal with autism and other neurological conditions to overcome their symptoms without having to face as many trials and challenges as she had to develop solutions for both before and after her diagnosis.

Throughout my journey, I have identified and applied a structured way of life. I manage my autism through environmental awareness, exercise, supplementation and wholesome nutrition. On a consistent daily basis, the triage that I have found supportive for cultivating a functional life and improving neurological and metabolic pathways pertaining to many of the autism symptoms that I face.

Join us April 14th and form new friendships, have fun making a difference, empower your community, help you achieve your goals, succeed through personal challenges, and raise funds for autism awareness!

This first time Spin For Autism event intends to serve all participants, and generous giving to support bringing positive impact on the autism community and those whom lives are touched by autism.

We only have room for 59 riders to register. However donations can be endless.


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