Amber Black inspired Autisticfit Society as a means of providing educational and inspirational support for autistic individuals, their families and the community as a whole after developing her own means of effectively treating her autistic symptoms through Quantum medicine, alternative care, nutrition, supplementation and fitness. Part of the reason for the inspiration behind Autisticfit Society, is  to provide a means to help others who deal with autism, PTSD and other neurological conditions to overcome their symptoms without having to face as many trials and challenges as she had to develop solutions for both before and after her diagnosis.

“My mission and inspiration is to exude an example of my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical commitment to overcome adversity, share about my recovery and create a pinnacle to educate about the importance of support and empowerment to others about my journey with autism,” says Amber, “I have dedicated my life to becoming a voice for the autistic community in order to raise awareness and understanding of what life with autism is really like.”

The mission at Autisticfit Society is to provide an informative, comfortable environment to initiate positive change in the lives of those individuals touched by Autism.

Autistifit Society offers the “C.A.F.E.S.” approach to positively impacting the face of Autism:

  • Connect: Individuals and their families to those programs that are available within their community
  • Affiliate: with other individuals and organizations to collectively provide a safe and supportive environment for Autistic individuals and families.
  • Facilitate: the development of real program solutions available at local, national and international treatment facilities.
  • Educate: those affected by Autism on managing and overcoming the condition with additional outreach to organizations important to the total support of those impacted by Autism.
  • Support: existing Autism programs, educational facilities, and individuals/families with guidance critical to overcoming the condition.

Autism in the U.S. has traditionally been addressed with conventional allopathic solutions. These approaches have focused on managing, maintaining or stabilizing the symptoms and behaviors associated with Autism and PTSD. However, they’ve done little, if anything, to address or correct the roots of the condition itself.

At Autisticfit Society, we address the root of the condition itself through the utilization of biofeedback, lifestyle, fitness and holistic nutrition methodology, enhancing the physical and cognitive abilities of the individual.  In addition, we continually thrive to develop new solutions for allowing individuals to actually grow and thrive, instead of just maintaining or stabilizing their symptoms.  We create customized therapy programs for each individual, addressing their specific needs.  The implementation of our program aims to empower the individual to thrive and flourish, improving their lives.  In addition, this positively impacts the lives of their families and the community as a whole as these individuals are encouraged and provided the support to participate in a healthy way.

At Autisticfit Society, we aim to significantly improve the mind-body connectivity and lifestyles of persons through their regimen of:

  1. Proven nutritional protocols and supplements.
  2. Proven customized lifestyle regimens.
  3. Proven, leading-edge biofeedback and holistic therapies for patients and families from true experts in the field.

We will continually expand both the programs offered along with developing avenues that expand serving healing methods to those with Autism and PTSD.