Learn how you can donate to help us on our mission to enrich the lives of autistic men, women, and children and their families with Quantum healing, biofeedback, nutrition and fitness.

The Autisticfit Society is nonprofit based organization that provides an informative foundation for those on the Autistic Spectrum to be equipped with the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle.

Within the community of the autistic era Autisticfit is inspired by the journey of Fitness Pro Athlete Amber Black to empower the Autistics in life with the nutritional, functional, and alternative healing approaches necessary that support a harmonious life.

The outreach opportunity highlights Autism in such a way where the energy of compassion is embraced, and the attributes Autism brings forth are cultivated for each individual involved in the Autistic journey to create achieving their best potential.

The mission is to build confidence for the autistic and bringing forth a vision that cultivates a healthy and fit way of being for the success and positivity of their lives. The vision is to expand a new concept of equanimity and a collective effort among the autistic, and the neuro-typical individual through touching life in such a way to improve understanding and boost self-esteem and build on their future potential skills and successes.

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