Autism is not a chance occurrence of nature. It is a real affectation of consciousness. It stems from environmental and subtle energy forces that affect the ability of consciousness in autistics to perform in what we consider ‘neurotypical’ ways.

It is a spiritual energy happening in the human existence. It is where an actual trauma trigger that occurs and that acts as a catalyst in the change in the brain. This trigger then begins to be a trauma continuum in the change in the brain effecting everyday ability to function from a cognitive place of as the neurotypical individual.

Autistics have gift with a special mission to fulfill on the planet. Our focus in bringing forth a unique understanding between the brain/cognitive functional ability and unseen perspectives is to serve as an example for caregivers, clinicians, educators, and parents of children on the autism spectrum have been blessed with an opportunity for greater spiritual meaning in their lives. This is about bringing forth awareness regarding the nature and origin of purpose in light of autism consciousness. Its about the relationship to the brain beyond neurology as its known. We aim to shed light on the autistic purpose serving in terms of spiritual perception, and it is for those involved that have the opportunity in this interaction to strive to advance to spiritual level of understanding.”

We strive to provide the alternative therapeutic solutions and options that strengthen the brains optimal operating availability through the difficult time Autistics have with conventional communication. We aim to provide the components necessary to protect the physical structure of the brain in order to provide a solid means to operate and thrive in this new way of operating in the evolution of humanity and yet still in a vessel that serves to share these gifts fully. Our vision includes providing a fresh look at who Autistics are and who the individuals are that are closely intertwined in the fabric closely to their life mission. We need to realize their attributes, promote the recognition and development from a new way of supporting the cognitive ability and perceptions of the Autistic mind, how to protect it and allow for the new way of interacting to serve as a vessel in the developing stages of human evolution.

Autisitcfit Society strives to bring in knowledge about quantum therapies that assist to expand and integrate more neural capacity with ease for adaptation. As expansion occurs the cognitive skill serving  as the key extensions of new neurological light frequencies that come in are necessary to allow for the physical development.  The experience of physical movement anchors an autistic individual in reality. Activity provides and activates conscious facilitation and connective relationship to feel the body’s presence in space. Cognitive Health and well-being is an equally important part of healthy living to embodie consistent improvement, courage, and adaptation through cognitive stages of activity learning in safe and trusted environments.. Planning and preparing specific steps, and progressive markers with points of reference that detail what is particular about new surroundings, and applying the action with what comes next.

Through acceptance, patience, acknowledgement, and understanding the gateway to boost confidence, and encourage a meaningful way towards success becomes a flowing lifestyle way of being for those living with autism. Each autistic individual has a rate of that which they are able to facilitate an activity and where necessary prompting is needed to guide the process. Reinforcing specific, physical, adaptive and cognitive specifics  (protocol/structure) congruent with activity can assist prompting progression through exercise. The learning process brings forth continuous benefits.

Firstly allowing the individual to cognitively gather information and apply that toward improvement.

Secondly, the associative feedback provides refinement to improve movement and maintain consistency.

Thirdly, the autonomous effect gains effective momentum providing increased energy efficiency during activity.