Autism is an emotional and financial burden affecting more and more families every year. Tens of thousands of dollars are spent each year through medical treatments, alternative care options and behavioral intervention programs. We support the opportunity to significantly improve the condition of Autism through information pertaining to education regarding beneficial supplementation solutions.

Proper supplementation plays a direct role in autism as it is a primary role regarding the methylation process. It is to help enzymes in the body to work.
These enzymes are proteins that act like switches for chemical reactions—they initiate very important processes in every cell and tissue. In fact, methylation can turn genes on or off, which can be good or bad for health, depending on the gene.
Methylation of proteins also helps the body to detoxify. For example, the methylation process can help convert the toxic amino acid homocysteine into a beneficial amino acid, methionine. If the body does not properly methylate and does not provide the nutrient cofactors to support that cycle, toxins will build up in the bloodstream.

Understanding the root of what is needed to manage and support the body where there is a lack of strength or balance is where proper supplementation inspires developing the appreciation and interrelationship between the digestive, immune and other systems (which impact oxidative stress and detoxification concerns).Autism as a whole includes looking at the entirety of the condition and all that applies; such as hereditary factors, environmental toxicity, specific biochemical imbalances such as methylation defects and metabolic enzyme problems and neurochemistry issues. Knowledge in what best supports Autistics through supplementation is a necessary component with the Autism-Spectrum community. Many co-morbid problems that exist, including  digestive issues, food sensitivities, neurological imbalances and immune system problems can be recovered, balanced and managed.

Enhancing the efficacy of increased Glutathione and the methylation cycle in both children and adults with Autism has been proven to benefit the opportunity for those with Autism to thrive. Supplementing with the proper vitamins and minerals proves to be a supportive adjunct therapy for Autistic patients.